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A Mock Castle Built on the Backs of Slaves and Welsh Quarrymen

I’ve been away this week helping the National Trust out with some of their management issues at Penrhyn Castle in North Wales.  My first impression of this place, because of its incredibly grand appearance on a truly large scale, was … Continue reading

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Keeping Fit and Getting Out There…

I like running on the beach, even on the wild days, in fact especially on the wild days.  Photo by my brother Rod (

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Mike A would like me to share this with you and I’m only too happy to oblige.  Llyn Dinas in North Wales, a place we’re working to help look after.

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Recording Music Can Be a Tricky Business

So I’ve come up with an idea for a new music composition, I’ve worked out the structure, what happens where, how it should be put together, what instruments I’ll be needing for each part, rehearsed each instrument piece over and … Continue reading

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In The Larder of a Wood Mouse

If you go down to the woods today….in a remote Welsh valley, and have a little rummage around, it’s surprising what you sometimes find.  Here’s where a wood mouse has been storing and eating hazel nuts.  The lovely circular openings … Continue reading

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I Get Reviews…

It’s obviously really gratifying when a music reviewer takes the time to critique your album over all the countless others that are released every month, and even more so when they say nice things 🙂 So a big thank you … Continue reading

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Name That Tune…

I sometimes get asked how I think of titles for my instrumental songs.  I suppose it’s a fair question when I think about it, after all there are no lyrics, so in theory I could call a song or tune … Continue reading

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Apple Blossom in the Rain

The old apple tree in our garden continues to wake up after winter despite having nearly fallen over and being propped up by an old chair.  Every year it produces delicious cooking apples, and every May it produces beautiful blossom. … Continue reading

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Bluebells in Spring

The bluebell woods are one of the most beautiful sights in spring.  I was walking and talking with colleagues the other day and as we were exchanging long-range thoughts we entered this wood – everybody stopped talking….

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The Music of a Landscape Part IV – Pwll Deri

Imagine if you will a high cliff, or a sheer wall on a mountain side, and you get the idea behind this music.  It was originally imagined whilst reading “The Shining Mountain”, the incredible and enthralling account of British climbers … Continue reading

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