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Web of Life

Understanding the relationship between nature and how land is used is at the heart of what I do in conservation management planning.  Today I was back at historic Dinefwr learning how an ancient deer park… with ancient trees planted 500 … Continue reading

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The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress In Brief…

A very brief rendition of a classic and beautiful song with my interpretation on it for a Saturday night 🙂

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Winter Sea…

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Drift Away…

I loved writing and recording this song from my album “Heading West” because of the instrumentation I used to convey it’s spirit.  To describe it I couldn’t do any better than music reviewer Kathy Parsons who did me the honour of … Continue reading

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Not Just Oil on Canvas

A good friend of mine, the artist Simon Parker gave me one of his paintings of a beautiful beach near our home.  How lucky am I?  Simon’s work is available through Saatchi Art if you fancy a gander 🙂  

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Summer Day Dreams

I’m just finishing off a job I had last summer writing conservation management plans for several National Trust castle and mansion gardens, and this photo has briefly transported me back from the cold and the rain to more serene days … Continue reading

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This Land of Ours

You know how every country has a national anthem? Well, not being much of subscriber to nationalism myself, I thought I’d compose an anthem for land, people and nature wherever they may be found. “This Land of Ours” is from … Continue reading

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Sneak Preview of What’s Happening In The Studio

I probably shouldn’t do this but I’m excited about writing and recording new songs for my next album, so I wanted to preview just one of them, a simple song called “You Know Me”.  Hope you like it…

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