Into the Night

Beryl Markham was a British born aviator who, in 1936, became the first woman to fly across the Atlantic from east to west non-stop in a single engined wooden monoplane. Her story was immortalised in the book “West with the Night”, and this song I wrote was inspired by that amazing story

Snowdon Horseshoe from the Mymbyr Lakes

Dyffryn M 017

An Evening Surf

Broad Haven 003

Broad Haven 018
Sam Howe


Emma Howe
Emma Howe
Broad Haven, Pembrokeshire
Broad Haven, Pembrokeshire

My New Favourite Wall – We Should All Have One ;)

Wall 2

Built around 1760 this wall is 7 miles long and encloses the land on the lower slopes of the mountain (Glyder Fach).  It was built in an attempt to improve the value of Dyffryn, the hill farm I have been writing about recently.


It is quite beautifully made with a skill and craftsmanship, not to mention strength and endurance, that boggles the mind of this 21st century pen pusher. It has merged into the landscape so much so that it now looks like a natural part of the mountain, and when examined up close you can see how the slow growing, hardy, slightly weird organisms we call lichens have colonised the stones and have made the wall their habitat for (hopefully) centuries to come.

Nant Y Benglog

Here you can see it snaking away up and across the mountain and get a sense of the scale of the job those wallers from centuries past undertook.

Wall 1