Time Stands Still (2009)

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Time Stands Still - Mike Howe

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Mike Howe was nominated in the Zone Music Reporter Awards for Best New Artist 2009 for his debut album “Time Stands Still”. The album received worldwide critical acclaim and reached the top 100 itunes charts in several countries including Sweden, Portugal, Spain, Ireland and New Zealand. Howe’s songs, which are mainly on acoustic guitar, with bass, drums and strings, paint melodic pictures of landscapes and nature.

Press Acclaim

Chris Spector
Midwest Record

“A nice look back at simplicity and elegance meeting at the vortex and making pure music that easily touches you. A very winning debut”.

Bill Binkelman
New Age Retailer

Kudos to Terence Yallop and Real Music for releasing this debut effort from acoustic guitarist/keyboardist/percussionist Mike Howe. Time Stands Still evokes favorable comparison to Bruce BecVar’s classic Forever Blue Sky, albeit more relaxed and subdued in nature — although the uptempo “Musselwick” is easily one of the best songs I’ve heard this year with a catchy-as-all-get-out refrain. However, it’s the gentle embrace of tracks such as “Falling Leaf, Turning World,” “Journey Home,” and “When the Snow Comes” that delivers exquisite listening enjoyment. Besides BecVar, I also heard echoes of Mark Knopfler’s softer pieces (e.g., his soundtrack to “The Princess Bride”). With its outstanding cover, give this CD prominent shelf space as well as plenty of in-store play.

Reviewed by Michael Debbage, Mainlypiano.com

“…The beauty of Mike Howe’s music does not come from an exhilarating execution that will take your breath away.  Frankly, his music is precise and simple focusing on ultra smooth melodies that will allow you to take the deep breath of life and forget about the worries that each and every day brings.  Enjoy the relaxing 55 minutes of Time Stands Still and live in the moment…live for today”.

Reviewed by Kathy Parsons, Mainlypiano.com

“…..It is difficult to classify Howe’s music, but his simple, straightforward songs reflect folk traditions with a contemporary sensibility.  More than anything, this music is humble, heartfelt, and strikingly beautiful.  The warmth and serenity felt in the fifteen quiet melodies are very personal yet easily accessible. The CD maintains a calming mood from start to finish, but the individual pieces are distinctive and unique. Sure to ease away the stresses of the day and create an enchanting atmosphere, Time Stands Still is a must for anyone who enjoys acoustic guitar music”.

Award-Winning Multi-Instrumentalist, Composer and Ecologist

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