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Do I have sheet music for my songs?

No I’m sorry I don’t. I cannot read or write music, I simply compose in my head and play by ear. I don’t even know how to use guitar tabs. I guess I could learn but hey there’s only so much time left.

Do I play all of the instruments on my tracks?

I do. I play acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, different basses, drums. I sometimes use samples but not very often.

What guitars do you play?

I play Art and Lutherie and Fender acoustic guitars, and an Epiphone Gibson Les Paul. I often play them through a brilliant Marshall acoustic amp, using a Fishman pick up on the acoustics. I also play a mongrel classical guitar which I bought very cheaply but which sounds ace.

Can I use your music for my project?

The short answer to that is yes but not without asking for, and getting, permission. Why? Well because I don’t own the whole copyright on most of my tracks, the record label/publisher does. Also there has to be fair compensation, which may be monetary and may not, it depends. All of my songs have cost money to create and to produce, and I have to pay a lot of people for that process. If you’ve ever worked for a living, or perhaps have ever purchased any other service, then I’m sure you’ll understand.

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