The music of a landscape – Part I

My music is often derived from and about some of the lovely places and wildlife of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park in West Wales, where I have worked as an ecologist for 20 years.  I hope it is possible to hear the influence of this landscape in my song, which was deliberately written in a style evoking a kind of “national anthem for nature”, if that makes any sense?  Anyway I hope you like it 🙂  The song is from my album “Round River”.

6 thoughts on “The music of a landscape – Part I”

  1. what beautiful music Mike. Coming from Pembrokeshire it was so moving to see such beautiful artistic and calming images. We plan on returning next year for a visit from Canada. Can’t wait .

    1. Hi Christine

      Thanks for your lovely comment I’m very glad that you like the video and happy that it reminded you of home. Hope you have a great visit next year!

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