The Old Road to Nowhere

Photo: Mike Alexander
Photo: Mike Alexander

High up on the slopes of the Rhinogau (Rin-og-i), an isolated, rugged range of mountains forming much of the Harlech Dome in North Wales, lies a 19th century gold mining complex.  All that remains of the hard toil of the men and women of the time are some deep,cavernous mine shafts which drip with the rain from the mountains, a few ruined buildings and the old track that was used to transport the rock for processing.

Photo:  Mike Alexander
Photo: Mike Alexander

Since all the industry left the hillside, nature has quietly taken over again, so that now the only sound you hear up there is the sighing of the wind and the throaty call of the raven in his craggy domain.  The noise and disruption of the past is long gone, along with all the stories of the people who worked this land in order to provide a living for their families.

The land is now cared for by the National Trust, and I have had the privilege to write the plan for its future conservation.  There’s plenty more to see at this place, and I’ll update you as I go.  I’ll be back there next week.

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14 thoughts on “The Old Road to Nowhere”

      1. Indeed, your friend has an excellent eye. I thought those were your shots. I listened to “Badlands” and it is absolutely beautiful. It is the kind of music to make art to.

      2. That’s very kind of you thank you. The song is off my new album “Heading West” if you’re interested, I wrote the music about the American landscape from a Brits point of view, so there’s quite a bit of subjectivity. I love your blog articles by the way, I intend to work my way through them – I can’t think what that osprey was up to 🙂 Thanks again.

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