I Am Really Tired, But Don’t Tell Anyone, It’s a Secret

Mike at football

Because of a fixture pile up due to the extremely wet winter we’ve just had I’m about to play my seventh competitive football match in just under 3 weeks, and at the ripe old age of 46 my legs and back are telling me enough is enough.  The trouble is, I’m worried that if I admit it to anyone connected with the football club it could convince them that my time is finally up, which of course is ridiculous because nobody can play that many games in such a short space of time and remain fresh as a daisy.  But because I am so much older than everyone else still on the team (next oldest 32), I’m sure you’ll understand when I admit to feeling a little insecure.

So I must go and play (and of course I still love it, which is why I endure the pain) and try not to collapse in a heap in the middle of the pitch (I have to play centre midfield, which as everyone knows who follows the game, is the most physically demanding position in the team because you have to cover the whole length of the pitch for the whole of the game…..I’m exhausted just writing about it :))

If I survive with my dignity intact I’ll only have 2 more games to go before the end of another long season.  Then I’ll be able to lie down.

7 thoughts on “I Am Really Tired, But Don’t Tell Anyone, It’s a Secret”

  1. Being able to admit the feeling of insecurity to oneself is a sign of great strength. And I agree, seven competitive matches in three weeks is a lot, also for younger players. Seems like the number of years is not saying much about your true age, young lad! 😉

    Good luck (for your “survival” and your team) and, even more important, lots of fun for the game and the rest of the season! – And remember to take time to be good to yourself, too!

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