A Love Song….

Photo: Mike Alexander

Photo: Mike Alexander

This is a simple song about those times in your life when it feels like someone who is very dear to you is always close, inside you almost, no matter where you are…..


About Mike Howe

I am an ecologist and a composer of guitar based instrumental melodies signed to the Real Music label in California. I like to write about my work, music and nature conservation and how it all comes together. I try not to write about things I don't know much about.
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4 Responses to A Love Song….

  1. drawandshoot says:

    That is a beautiful piece of music, Mike. The birds were joining in through my open window. : )

    • Mike Howe says:

      Thank you so much, that’s a lovely thing to say. I love your art too but hadn’t quite worked out how to express it yet on your posts – didn’t want to just say “I love it”, but I do 🙂



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