I’m Very Sad Today But It Doesn’t Matter

I don’t know about you but sometimes I get incredibly sad, and today is one of those days. I know why, I could go into it and explain it, but I don’t need to for my sake, and anyway you would be bored reading about it.  No honestly you would, it’s really not very interesting.

In recent years, however, one of the great and surprising benefits of being sad (or happy, or morbid, or awestruck), and for which I am truly grateful (although I’m not sure to whom), is that I have developed an ability to write music about how I feel, which has lead to all of the other interesting things that sometimes happen in my life.

So in recognition of how I feel today, and probably will tomorrow, but probably won’t a day or two after that, here is a song I wrote whilst feeling very sad indeed.  I hope you like it (in a recognising the emotion sort of way and not in a making you sad sort of way, I wouldn’t want to do that to you) 🙂

By the way, does anybody know whether or not I should be allowing pingbacks and trackbacks on this post?  I have absolutely no idea what they are.  Thanks and enjoy the sad music 🙂

4 thoughts on “I’m Very Sad Today But It Doesn’t Matter”

  1. Hi Mike!

    I am familiar with such visits of sadness. Usually there is not much to do about it but allowing and letting it pass through – obviously a way of dealing with it we have in common. 😉
    So I am sending much love to you and something like a virtual hug – or what ever feels like support to you in this moment.

    As for the pingbacks – I am not entirely sure what else they do, but I noticed that I get “pinged” when somebody is linking up my page on their website – given that their site is allowing pingbacks and trackbacks, too. It shows up as a little note in the comment section, then. Sometimes also some spam sites try to weave into this (to get more klicks on their site, I suppose) but those usually go right into the spam folder, anyway.
    Hope this info is useful for you.

    Thank you for the beautiful song and for sharing how you feel!

    Lots of warmth,

    1. Hi Steffi

      Thanks once again for your kindness and warmth. I hope you are doing better than you were last week, I’m doing much better, as I knew I would be 🙂

      Thanks for the advice on pingbacks etc…I think I’ll ignore them as I can’t really see the point! But I’m glad that you explained it to me so that I could make an informed decision.

      Thanks again, Mike x

      1. Hej Mike!

        Good that I took a look at this post as WordPress did not notify me of your answer, this time…

        Even better, to read that you are doing much better, today! I knew you would be, too, because you knew it. 🙂
        Yes, I am doing fine, myself, thank you for asking. Heading towards a break-through, currently, as it seems. 😉

        I understand your choice on the pingbacks & co. I usually only allow those of people who actually chose to link up my posts with their articles and ignore those that seem to come from crawlers and other robot programmes. This way people can see when somebody nice is referring to my site and may choose to pop over to take a look at that page, too. And also, when I link up another page in one of my articles, this funktion allows them to be notified automatically, if they have it turned on.

        Have a beautiful Sunday!
        Much love,

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