Keeping Fit and Getting Out There…


I like running on the beach, even on the wild days, in fact especially on the wild days.  Photo by my brother Rod (

14 thoughts on “Keeping Fit and Getting Out There…”

      1. Hi Mike, A question for you? Our library has just introduced a free music download system, called Freegal, which is in use in many libraries worldwide. We are allowed to download (to keep) 3 pieces of music per week. I like to try these new things and support our brilliant library system in Christchurch. So I downloaded 3 of your pieces of music. Here’s the question? (at last!) Does Sony (who provide the music catalogue) give you, the artist, any royalties from this system? I can’t seem to find any info on Freegal outside the small amount of info given on the library website.

      2. Hi Gallivanta

        The short answer to your question is I don’t know, I’ve never heard of freegal. I would imagine however that some royalties do get paid to the record companies and artists, although if it’s anything like some of the internet listening services the payment will be something like 0.001 cent/pence per play, or something like that. Unfortunately these days access to music is pretty much unlimited, but recompense for artists (other than the mega stars) is painfully little. But hey there are much worse things in the world! I’m just extremely flattered that you downloaded some of my tracks, thank you 🙂 I work on the basis that if I write good music, people will want to listen, and I get plenty of rewards, including money sometimes!

      3. Thanks for the information. The good thing about Freegal is that it is a legal way to download music. It is widely used by library services in NZ, Australia and the US,as far as I can work out. I found a lot of your music is on it though not your latest album, if memory serves me right. You might like to check out these sites though I guess you won’t be able to access the catalogue if Freegal is not part of your library system. I would hope some recompense goes to the artist.

      4. And just for fun, you may like to know that I used up my weekly allocation on these 3 pieces: Flowers of Penberi; Somewhere in the Southern Sky; Time Stands Still. The last one is my favourite.

      5. It’s always really nice to know what tracks you are listening to and which ones you particularly like so thanks very much for that. Keep the feedback coming 🙂

      1. That’s true, but what’s great is you can go for a jog and when you get back the world has changed, and it’s not as stressful – magic! 🙂

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