9 thoughts on “Hope”

  1. Hi Mike!

    While I was listening to your beautifully relaxing and uplifting guitar music this morning, the birds who sometimes visit our balcony tuned in with their song. Seems, that not only humans enjoy your music! 😀

    Much love,

    1. Thank you Steffi – I tune in with them too, that’s where some of the music comes from 🙂 Sounds like a nice morning on the balcony, hope you enjoyed it 🙂 Mike x

      1. They must have noticed that source of your inspiration. Our winged friends here are very appreciative when somebody tunes into communication with them. 😉

        In fact, it’s raining here. But I can here the birds through the open window. They never fail to contribute to a good morning – just like your music always gives me a warm and happy feel.

        Wishing you a sunny day!

  2. Beautiful music and images – I really like the combination of these! However, I wonder what my associations would have been if I hadn’t looked at the video now 🙂

    In relation to your comment on my blog – I could also imagine your music serving as a great audio background of illustrations of force fields in the universe, hidden dimension in string theory, and other geeky physics memes. Some BBC science channel should be interested!

    1. Thank you Elke! I know what you mean about associations, sometimes it’s best not to present a video for the music and simply allow people to imagine their own images. However this song is so much about the images in the video that I hope it works 🙂 String theory next…..

    1. Hi Emilie, sorry to hear about your financial hardship – send me your address on my blog contact page. In the meantime you can listen to my music for free on my website/blog, youtube, Pandora, Last FM and many more sites

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