When is a field not just a field?

It’s great when the work you do for somebody else turns out to be useful! Here’s a blog from The National Trust Bodnant Garden that I was privileged to work for earlier this summer.

Bodnant Garden Blog


  The grass cutting season is coming to an end, to the delight of many! But grass is not all about creating the perfect turf – at Bodnant Garden we’ve been doing a bit more than striping the lawns this year.

  We are developing a Grassland Management Plan to take care of all of our 80 acres, from the formal areas of the Italianate Terraces to the meadows of the Shrub Borders and even areas of rough grass in the car park. It’s part of our long term aim to protect the wildlife so dependent on grasslands and so under threat from their decline in recent years…and also to enable more visitors to enjoy them.

  Environmental consultant Mike Howe has produced as report for us, looking at the garden’s grasslands and at ways to look after them.

 Put simply, there are two types of grass at Bodnant Garden; the…

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4 thoughts on “When is a field not just a field?”

  1. You won’t believe what came to my mind after I had read this title – including ‘field’ 🙂
    Actually I have a book on Quantum Field Theory with a picture of a field (in terms of crop) on the cover.

  2. I remember when you shared that article about working at Bodnant Gardens, earlier this year. It seemed like a beautiful place to me then, and it does even more so, now. You are doing very important and wonderful work in helping people preserving nature while actually living with and in it. (Of course, you know that – I would just like to express my acknowledgement…)

    Also, I looked at the picture gallery on the side bar of their blog. I definitely have to remember going there when I am back in Wales, one day!

    Much love!

    1. Ah thanks for your kind words and encouragement as always Steffi. I know you value and see nature in the same way as I do and are doing great things yourself to raise awareness x

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