I’m intent on sharing as many of the other Mikes wonderful photographs with you as I can – here are some beauties of a tiny Pembrokeshire fishing village as Autumn returns…

Photo: Mike Alexander
Photo: Mike Alexander
Photo: Mike Alexander
Photo: Mike Alexander
Photo: Mike Alexander
Photo: Mike Alexander



8 thoughts on “Porthgain”

    1. Thanks mate, he sure is. He doesn’t do social media so he gives me all his photos to share, which I’m only too happy to do. It’s great to be able to showcase some fabulous landscapes here in Wales as a thank you to guys like you who show us the amazingly beautiful landscapes in your back yard, keep them coming I love seeing them 🙂

  1. Hi Mike!

    I see you are sharing pictures that show the more “common” weather of the “Isles”. 😉 The dramatic sky as well as the play of gloominess and sunlight are just as beautiful.
    Please tell the other Mike that he has one more fan on your blog who appreciates his photography!

    Pembrokeshire… Isn’t that the area where the Ferry to Ireland is, too? I believe, I saw something on the map when I reserched our travel route, last year…

    Much love,

    1. Hi Steffi

      Yes I thought it was time to show the reality of our weather, rather than all the bright sunny stuff. I’ll pass on your compliments to Mike – he doesn’t do social media, but he gives me all his photos to share figuring that their better off “out there” than sitting idly on his computer. I agree, so that’s why I post them 🙂 Yes there are two ferries to Ireland from Pembrokeshire, one from Pembroke Dock and the other from Fishguard, I see them most days when I’m out on my walk – you planning another Irish trip? M

      1. Hej Mike!

        Although I have seen a very sunny side of Great Britain when we did our round trip in spring last year, there is nothing wrong with the more dramatic weather for me. I guess growing up in Hamburg and staying in Dublin those three months helps to feel at home when the sky is getting gloomy.

        It’s a real pitty that the other Mike is not doing anything with social media – but good for you! This way you have all the exclusive rights on presenting his images which go so well with all that you create and share, here!

        We were considering to take the ferry from Fishguard last year, but it would have been too much driving for what we had in mind, then. So we took the ferry from France. (Which still was a lot of driving.)

        I am always looking out for opportunities to visit Ireland and the British Isles, again. So I like dreaming and playing with it.
        Next time it seems that Scotland is calling. I’d like to visit a social media friend in Aberdeen ( he is in his 80’s and speaks Doric) and also explore the Cairngorms a bit on the way further to the Highlands. Of course it would be great to also take a little tour via Aveburry and Wales and pop over to the Emerald Island from there. In that case I may wave at you and see if you are up for a Welsh tea. 😉

        Actually I don’t have the slightest clue what 2014 will bring. All I know is that I am choosing joy. So, who knows?

    1. As well as being a fishing village, Porthgain has also been a centre for exporting slate and making bricks. The little doorways are part of the old brickworks, and are used by the fishermen now for storing nets and pots

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