An amazing demonstration of artistic talent with some quite nice music…

Australian based artist Mike Barr is incredibly talented and here he gives a demonstration of how he constructs one of his beautiful paintings, with some of my music for background.

Check out Mikes website @

18 thoughts on “An amazing demonstration of artistic talent with some quite nice music…”

  1. A very joyful “journey”. I love the combination of Mike Barr’s motive and your music. The rainy grey-ish street with the blue sky and the birds as a light at the end of the tunnel and your soothing, heart-warming music leading the way.

    I just listened to your music via the music player on your side bar, this morning. The only reason that I have not placed an order at Amazon, yet, is that I can’t decide with which album I would like to start…

    Sending some warm sun from Hamburg your way – and much love!

    1. Thanks so much Steffi, yes the painting is quite miraculous isn’t it? Thanks for considering my music also, the only advice I can offer is maybe start at the beginning with Time Stands Still and see how you get on? Thanks for all your warm wishes, they are enthusiastically reciprocated πŸ™‚

      1. Mike – thanks for your advice on the album choice. I moved it in my heart for a few days and finally put it into action just several minutes ago. And am very happy with it! πŸ˜€

        Hope you have fun at Dolaucothi Gold Mines!

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