When The Snow Comes

Photo: Mike Alexander
Photo: Mike Alexander

We haven’t had any yet but I thought I’d share this photo from Mike Alexander of a darkly beautiful winter landscape in North Wales.  The song is one I wrote having been out in the kind of muffled, noiseless, late afternoon light that only a snowy landscape can offer.  It is one of my favourite compositions because it came out straight away, with no time to be influenced by anything other than the experience itself.

21 thoughts on “When The Snow Comes”

  1. Ah, just the right song after a long day of Christmas preparations. I love the mood it is carrying and how beautiful it is corresponding with the images in the video. Also, I like your pick for the top of the post – depth and composition of that image are awesome (well done Mike A.!) and invite to enjoy the winter.

    Have a good night!

    1. So glad you enjoyed the music and the images Steffi, Mike A put a lot of hard work into them all and putting it together, I think he did rather well! The song is very special to me, one of my favourite compositions, so it means a lot that you enjoyed it 🙂

    1. Oh thank you Anneli I’m so glad you like it, it certainly came out of a very special moment and I’m quite proud of the composition so that’s really nice of you, thank you 🙂

  2. Of course I like this “darkly beautiful winter landscape” a lot 😉 It is not snowing here currently, but it is a “muffled, noiseless, late afternoon” – the music perfectly matches not only your picture but our wheather, too.

    1. Haha I’m not surprised you like this photo Elke, knowing as I do your penchant for the dark side 😉 Perhaps you could do a post for us on dark matter? Maybe you have already? I should check….thanks for liking the music 🙂

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