Photo: Mike Howe
Photo: Mike Howe

16 thoughts on “Harvest”

  1. I’ve also traveled across the U.S. twice and have seen almost all of the scenes in these photos, or similar ones. I stayed out here the second time! Your photos are great. If you have any public gardens near where you live or private ones that might have open days once a year, you might find even more inspiration for your music at some of them, esp. if you go in fall or winter. Just a thought…

  2. You wouldn’t believe but I remembered you today even before you clicked like on my post. I like this photo a lot. Nice to see some of your work, Mike 🙂 How are you?

  3. I was thinking this might have been Montana or the midwest but it seems you are lucky enough to be looking out at this from your home. You captured this golden field in some great light Mike.

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