Mountain Thoughts

Photo: Mike Howe
Photo: Mike Howe

During the past few weeks I’ve been doing a lot of work in some of Wales’ upland areas, reviewing management options for conservation of habitats and species, and monitoring the effects of grazing on huge areas of common land.  It’s been getting pretty cold and wet, and the upland terrain is hard on the feet and legs, and all I was doing was walking.  It made me wonder about the hardiness of the people who built these walls 🙂

On the day I took this photo I imagined two new tunes, both pretty good as I recall.  By the time I got home I couldn’t remember them.  They’re gone.  One of the pitfalls of never learning to write music down.  Oh well maybe they’ll return to me in a more convenient place and time.

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24 thoughts on “Mountain Thoughts”

  1. Thank you for sharing some deep and beautiful impressions from your work in word and image, Mike! I’m sure those tunes will return to you when it is time to record them.
    Much love,

  2. You have to go back on a pretty day like the day you took that picture, Mike. You know sometimes you have to go back in another room to remember what you went for 🙂
    It must have been an awesome experience despite your sore feet and legs.

  3. Lovely photo, Mike. The hills of Wales really are beautiful. That’s frustrating about the songs – maybe you were just meant to share them with the mountains and no one else!

  4. Great photograph! Humming is a good idea or la-la-la ing into your mobile. The downside is if there’s a wind or you are out of breath! A good tune will come back again though.

  5. Beautiful country! And I always love seeing those old stone walls. Grazing is an issue on our prairies, too. Cattle and buffalo graze on different things and in different ways. And some kinds of prairie need more grazing than others. It can be pretty complicated, as I’m sure you know.

  6. I, too, wonder about the stamina and dedication and just plain stubbornness of those who have built walls like these and the old adobes of our Southwest.
    About the tunes. I agree that maybe the walls heard them, or perhaps they even whispered them. Why not carry a digital recorder or use the recorder on your phone (if it has one)when an idea comes, hum it into the recorder. Don’t lose new music!

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