Just Jammin’

Here’s a very brief vid of my daughter Emma teaching me how to play songs by her favourite band McFly, who have now, as I’m sure you all know 🙂 merged with the band Busted to become McBusted…oh never mind…here’s us on a Friday night jam session…

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About Mike Howe

I am an ecologist and a composer of guitar based instrumental melodies signed to the Real Music label in California. I like to write about my work, music and nature conservation and how it all comes together. I try not to write about things I don't know much about.
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10 Responses to Just Jammin’

  1. Thank you for sharing the joy of jammin’ together, Mike and Emma.
    The two of you sound great! That calls for a couple of roses which I through on the stage… 🌹🌹 (one for each of you)

    After the next Adobe updates I’ll have to check back on the video as my flash player then will hopefully allow me to also see you both. 😉

  2. Pat says:

    Glad to see you’ve passed on the talent. Can’t have too many musicians!

  3. It’s great to see a father and daughter bond through a common interest! She’s good too!

  4. I liked this because
    a) it is always nice to see someone break out of their usual style,
    b) I love the idea of daughter as teacher, and
    c) it was just fun.

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