Moki Dugway

Moki Dugway2


If you ever find yourself in deepest Utah this ‘road’ is a must for breathtaking views and a driving experience that you will never forget.

USA 103

18 thoughts on “Moki Dugway”

  1. It was scary, but the view justifies all the horror:) I will never forget the moment when I realised that we are actually going to drive almost vertically 🙂 Well, it is what it looked like:)

    1. Yes I was amazed too that the road just went straight up the cliffs, I couldnt believe it but oh what great fun and such magnificent scenery. Im glad you experienced it too 🙂

    1. Its called the moki dugway Emilie, google it and you,ll find it, I was amazed to see so many people had written about it on – its near Monument Valley and on the way to Arches National Monument

    1. Hi no its close to Arches National Park, you cant drive it in large vehicles like RVs, and it very much takes you by surprise if you dont know about it, but its great fun

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