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  1. Exciting, Mike! What inspired the title Lichens? It inspired me to read a bit about the difference between lichen and moss.

    I like this relational description of lichen from wisegeek. org: Lichens are perhaps the most amazing living things on Earth, because they represent a symbiotic relationship between a fungus and either algae or cyanobacteria. The symbiotic nature of lichen was not fully understood until the 19th century, when the idea was first proposed. They form a fascinating example of cooperative relationships in nature, with the fungus using the algae or bacteria to produce energy, while the algae or bacteria enjoys the protection the fungus provides.

    And thanks for liking my post the other day.

    1. Thank you Jan, your citation pretty much sums up the inspiration for the title, plus lichens is such a nice sounding word. My conservation work allows me to write about the management of so many different habitats, be it woodlands, sand dunes, grasslands and mountain tops. And in each and everyone of these diverse habitats you find different kinds of lichens which often go unnoticed. There is a timeless, other worldly quality to them, they dont operate in our time slot, and they whats more they are a collaboration between two different organisms, which makes them pretty cool. The people I ve met who know anything about them have spent a lifetime doing it such is their profusion and mystery. But most of all I like the wordπŸ˜‰ Thanks for commenting Jan I hope you get to listen to the music

      1. Lichens does sound nice and the biological elegance and humble presence behind it, which you describe, makes the word all the nicer. Look forward to downloading the Lichens album when it becomes available. For now I’m enjoying Heading West . . . perhaps it’s the american in me and the memories of being out West that it evokes.

      2. Thats great to know Jan, I loved making Heading West and I am so glad that you can identify with my interpretation of the American landscape

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