Remembering The Magnificent Death Valley National Park

I miss it. It was, to use an over-used word but perfectly apt in this case, awesome

Death Valley 1 crop

17 thoughts on “Remembering The Magnificent Death Valley National Park”

  1. Just checked the DV website. The high temp so far this year was 41C on 29/4. Winter vacation recommended.

  2. Harsh country, but desert light certainly has its own stunning magic . . . of course it’s easy to appreciate this when the comfort of a car and fresh water are reliably nearby.

    1. Yes absolutely, I remember speculating with my family that in that heat we would probably last just a few hours without those comforts you mention

  3. The first pioneers who went through had been sold a bad map. They had no idea what they were getting into. And not all of them made it. Death Valley has a very colorful history.

      1. There’s a mine near the Rest Area at Boron that always makes me think of the pioneers and the Borax brand name (20-Mule Team Borax). It’s desolate desert country. Beautiful in its own awesome way.

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