Amazing desert landscape in Arches National Park, Utah

640AD439-26D3-4BD7-90FB-09A9F58C9D1ALoved it here, it was absolutely silent, like nowhere else I’ve ever been, stunning

10 thoughts on “Amazing desert landscape in Arches National Park, Utah”

  1. Fantastic writing pal 🙂 love it! I too have Just trekked arches and just put together my blog! Would love if you would read it, maybe do a colab? I have a bunch of trail tales be sure to check them out! But i just cant get over how good yours are!!! Haha any tips? Oh yeah and be sure to help a fellow out with a follow if you enjoyed any readings 😛

    1. The whole of the mid west is a geologists dream, and yes the story of the rocks out there is an extremely complicated and ancient one. I gather there are still many controversies

  2. Yes, stunning is the word. Breathtaking too. The color combinations you captured are absolutely gorgeous! Isn’t it amazing how the color combinations in nature never clash!

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