Thoughts, deeds, music

Up here, on the roof of Snowdonia, we have restored the blanket bog and protected the largest and deepest area of peat in Wales. Not only is this good for increasingly rare birds such as curlew and hen harrier, but it locks up more carbon than all of the woodlands in Wales combined, and stops it from being released into the atmosphere.

This is also the place where I first thought of this tune, which bizzarely went on to be nominated at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards, two very different worlds. But that’s the power of music I guess……


10 thoughts on “Thoughts, deeds, music”

  1. You’re doing good work there. I also wanted to tell you that we still hear your music played on our TV music channel. I’m getting to recognize it. Just a few days ago, I stopped what I was doing in the kitchen and said to my husband, “That sounds like Mike Howe.” I checked the title and credits and sure enough, it was your music. Very nice it was too.

  2. Congratulations on a job well done! I had no idea bogs occurred so high up. Keep up the good work, what you do is so very, very important. And thanks for sharing, we need to hear more good news like this!

  3. I love hearing stories about areas of the world who are working to protect the environment and wildlife. Your music never fails to soothe my soul. “Remember” does just that!

  4. Hi Mike. That’s a wonderful picture of the roof of Snowdonia! I wonder how you were able to restore the blanket bog. It’s a very important subject and interesting too. I wasn’t aware that it was possible but I know it’s a very crucial topic regarding the amount of carbon in the atmosphere.
    All the best,

    1. Hi Hanna, the blanket bog was degraded, as many are, because of drainage, burning and over grazing. Over many years the ditches have been blocked, and the whole bog has become wetter. As a result Sphagnum mosses are building again, and the whole process invited in other plants such as heathers. The soil erosion stopped, gullies filled in. So we have a much healthier bog now. I’d like to see trees come back in time, and elsewhere we are planting thousands of them. Things are going in the right direction!

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