Beautiful Sonoran Desert

Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument on the US/Mexican border, a place of amazing desert plants, quiet solitude, beautiful sunshine and occasional, dramatic rain, but also where reminders of political tensions are never too far away. A strange and beguiling place that I like very much

10 thoughts on “Beautiful Sonoran Desert”

  1. Mike, beautiful photos. My four years in Tucson has given me an unexpected love and admiration for the Sonoran Desert. It brings awe, fear and a world of life to me. Thanks for the posting.
    Go well, David

    1. Thank you David, I enjoyed my brief tour of the desert landscapes immensely and especially camping out, to really get into the silence and beauty. So very different from where I’m from. I hope you enjoy every minute of living there, I envy you, but then, having read your bio, perhaps I may not have envied every part of your life journey, you’ve obviously been through a lot. Thanks for commenting and keep up the beautiful writing, Mike

  2. I love Organ Pipe. Actually, I love all the desert parks.
    Have you dipped south enough to see the wall? It is still distressing. I hope I never find it “normal” to have it sever our area.

    1. The road that runs along the border was closed, I really wanted to see it. We found the security presence all a bit depressing but it didn’t spoil the beauty. Arizona is a gorgeous state!

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