Pembrokeshire coast at its finest

5 thoughts on “Pembrokeshire coast at its finest”

  1. Hi Mike,
    Just wanted you to know that we have a couple of favourites of your playlist on Spotify. “Remember” and “Into the Night.” The Mike Howe playlist has become our favourite music to listen to in the morning with our coffee, and again in the “remains of the day” time of the evening.
    Anyone who isn’t tuning in to any of your albums is missing out on a real treat!
    Have a happy New Year, and thanks for the great music.

    1. Hi Anneli, thank you that’s really nice to know. I was quite proud of those tracks when I did them back in 2015, so it’s always good to know that they are being enjoyed. Hope you had a nice Christmas and happy new year to you all!

      1. I wanted to add that when we had a friend over for an afternoon visit, he called back that evening to ask what that nice music was that we were playing, and could he get it on Spotify. I think Appalachia was one of those that we played. So there you go. People love your music.

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