New tune about all that remains good in life

A melodic, reflective instrumental ballad on acoustic guitar about all that remains good in life, available on all platforms. Some popular links below

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Cover art by Claire Deacon

Mastered by Middle Mastering

15 thoughts on “New tune about all that remains good in life”

  1. Hi Mike, I have a question. How do you add backup music to your pieces? Do you do it live with other musicians? Is there a way to do it without using other musicians or playing the background instruments yourself. I’d like to find a software solution that I can use to customize backgrounds for the songs I’m recording. Presently, I use Audacity to record. It’s great. It has features that facilitate mixing, but I don’t know how to generate the other tracks automatically. Obviously, it’s better to use real musicians, but I don’t want to spend a lot of money on this. Can you advise?

    1. Hi David, I play all the instruments myself, recorded on separate tracks and then mixed together. You can do that on any music recording software. I use an old one called sonar cakewalk but will soon change to Logic. Hope that helps

  2. Mike, I can’t listen because it wants me to get the app for everything and I already have the apps. There is no “sign in” procedure that I can find.

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