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Thanks For Listening

Blimey 1.7 million plays on Pandora Radio in the last 3 years, thanks for listening
Mike Howe
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Had such fun recording a new track,  playing the drums, bass and of course the guitar


Some jazz (mine) and some stunning paintings (not mine) about the great San Francisco




I’m working on a new album.  Here’s a sneak preview of one of the songs, hope you like it

Lovely photo by Mike Alexander

Friends Are Lost

From my album Heading West

Back In The Mountains

Another road trip this week took me back to the mountains in glorious spring sunshine 🙂

Photo: Mike Howe
Photo: Mike Howe


Photo: Mike Howe
Photo: Mike Howe

Jumping The Stream


This song was written about the childlike thrill I always get when I have to cross a stream, whether it be a short hop over the narrows, or when it’s one of those when you have to take a running jump, never quite knowing if you’ve got enough lift to reach the far bank…I’m sure you know what I mean 🙂


The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress In Brief…

A very brief rendition of a classic and beautiful song with my interpretation on it for a Saturday night 🙂

Drift Away…

I loved writing and recording this song from my album “Heading West” because of the instrumentation I used to convey it’s spirit.  To describe it I couldn’t do any better than music reviewer Kathy Parsons who did me the honour of reviewing the album in 2013…

“Drift” is a rapturous slow dance with a gentle sway. Piano, guitar, and light percussion elicit sighs of contentment”.

This Land of Ours

You know how every country has a national anthem? Well, not being much of subscriber to nationalism myself, I thought I’d compose an anthem for land, people and nature wherever they may be found.

“This Land of Ours” is from my album “Round River” and can be purchased  here, or here, or here 🙂