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In anticipation of the sun returning…

New track called Sun Gaze coming soon. Here’s an amazing video clip by Sam Howe

Western Edge, dreamscape seascape music

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New chilled beatz tune out today

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New music coming soon….

New happy uplifting acoustic tune

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‘all the beautiful colours’ releases October 20th

Magic green forest

My new Spanish guitar tune dreamt up from memories of hot, dry, super spacious landscapes…

Links to streaming sites https://gyro.to/Maps

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New music

Out today! https://gyro.to/79023Found

A brand new tune…

Diatoms are microscopic algae found in the worlds oceans and waterways. They absorb 10-20 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) every year as they float on the surface of the ocean, and they exhale more oxygen than all the world’s rainforests. These tiny drifting algae generate about 20 percent of the oxygen produced on Earth each year.

On this track I play bass, acoustic guitar, piano, electric guitar #COP26 #saveourseas #climateaction

It’s available on the links below or wherever you stream or download your music #spotifyforartists #spotify #applemusic #pandoramusic #lo-fi #postrock #chillout

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