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I Mustn’t Be An Old Dog Yet ‘Cos I’m Still Learning New Tricks…

My lovely, but very badly behaved van broke down the other day (again!), left me completely stranded in the middle of the road – I had to be towed home by a very kind passer by with the right kind of vehicle (land rover).


Tired of constantly being in the hands of the mechanics I decided I was going to find the fault and fix it myself.  So I did.  I went from a dead van to one roaring to glorious healthy life after I’d diagnosed the fault, bought the bits I needed for the repair, performed the surgery (it was touch and go there for a while) and then started her up – bingo!!  There are few things in life as satisfying, take it from me.  Then as a reward, and to calm my frayed nerves, I went here for a walk…

Photo: Mike Alexander
Photo: Mike Alexander

Happy days….