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New single release

Listen wherever you find your music, here’s some popular links Spotify , YouTube Music Pandora

New single out today!

Listen wherever you find your music, here’s some popular links Spotify Youtube Music Pandora

This is another gentle acoustic guitar tune which I hope would complement any of your focus, relaxing, study, chill, instrumental playlists. I took the cover photo during the first lockdown when a plane overhead was a rare sight. This one was heading out over the Atlantic Ocean. I wished it a safe journey, along with all of our trails

New single out today

My first classical guitar release for 7 years. Felt good after the year we’ve all had to return to and re-work a very old theme of mine. Magnificent cover art by my football buddy and superb photographer Tom Bown

Listen on Spotify

Listen on Spotify

Relaxing Acoustic guitar instrumentals Streaming on Spotify

Vid by Sam Howe


It’s brilliant to have this many monthly listeners, thank you

Latest Offers – Island of Anywhere by Mike Howe

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When Mike Met Michael for an Interview…

For those of you who may be interested, the editor of the excellent Ambient Visions website, Michael Foster, very kindly asked me to do an interview about my latest album release, and here it is…

Heading West by Mike Howe


A Love Song….

Photo: Mike Alexander
Photo: Mike Alexander

This is a simple song about those times in your life when it feels like someone who is very dear to you is always close, inside you almost, no matter where you are…..

The Music of a Landscape – Part II

This song is dedicated to the Earth, the “Pale Blue Dot”…

Inspirational places….

Photo: Mike Alexander
Photo: Mike Alexander

This is the place, according to Welsh legend, where the red dragon of the Celts fought with the white dragon of the Anglo-Saxons.  Both fell into the lake, but only the red dragon emerged, and this is why the red dragon is the national emblem of Wales and appears on the national flag.  But that’s only a story, albeit a nice one.  I have written the management plan for this place and this will hopefully help to conserve the wonderful wildlife and the cultural landscape for the future.  And it in turn has inspired some of my music.