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A New Tune For a New Adventure

Alejandro Clavijo, who is the editor of the Reviews New Age website and a really nice guy, asked me if I’d like to compose a new song for an upcoming compilation album he was planning on releasing , this following his hugely successful release “The Piano”, which featured pianists from all over the world and which regularly appears in the itunes new age top 10.  This time the guitar is to be the focus, and of course I was very flattered to be asked to participate amongst some of the worlds most popular new age guitarists.

Best of reviews new age - the guitar

Alejandro asked me to compose and record a ‘happy uptempo’ tune for the compilation and I thought Mmmm….well I could try!  So this is what I came up with….it’s called “Lucky Day”, what with it being all happy and uptempo and everything….

The album is due for release sometime soon.  I’ll let you know when its out just in case you fancy being relaxed away by a plethora of tunes from some of the worlds best (not me obviously) axe men 🙂