Sunset…In Music and Video This Time

Here’s a video made by about my song “Sunset”…hope you like it!

From the album “Island of Anywhere” – see links on sidebar 🙂

6 thoughts on “Sunset…In Music and Video This Time”

  1. What I like about this is that it changed my view of the word “Sunset” I enjoy the beauty of sunsets but the word itself evokes something akin to valentine’s day – something that is meant to insinuate something romantic but generally doesn’t. I think I didn’t even realize that I disliked the word until I realized how you changed for me…The setting sun is often a time of togetherness, fun and joy and often a time that that my breath is taken away by the beauty of the world.

    1. Thank you Kim, yours are interesting thoughts on how a word can conjure personal feelings and how words can evoke very different emotions in us and can have different meanings. When you compose a piece of music it can mean many different things and can be very abstract, but my brother Rod captured the essence of the song beautifully I think in the video – as you say a time of summery fun and togetherness. Thanks for being so astute! 🙂

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