A Ballad About Long Range Thoughts…

9 thoughts on “A Ballad About Long Range Thoughts…”

      1. Still not 100% fixed but a lot better – just some of my comments still getting ‘spammed’ when they shouldn’t be. Hope yours gets sorted out soon – it’s been a long time!

      2. Hi Jo, I just found your comment in spam, sorry about that – I have restored it to it’s rightful place. I’m wondering if a lot of my comments have ended up there too. It’s all been, and continues to be, very frustrating. My WP problems are as bad as ever but, hey, there are worse things 🙂

      3. Hi Mike, I suspect that’s happening to a lot of my comments recently! I have an ongoing support issue with WordPress who are baffled by it, and so are Akismet who are supposed to deal with spam. I’m hoping it will be sorted out soon!

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