Edge Of The Trees

I wrote a piece of music about a dream, a bad dream, not a nightmare as such.  Each instrument and rhythm is a metaphor for the different elements of the dream.  It’s about standing in the light but on the edge of darkness.  My heartbeat starts the music and continues throughout.  The acoustic guitar is my calm inner voice, talking and comforting.  Half way through the piece the electric guitar conveys a rising panic, doubt and fear, but all the while the acoustic guitar, the inner calm voice, keeps talking and assuring me that it will be ok, there’s nothing to fear….beyond the edge of the trees….


About Mike Howe

I am an ecologist and a composer of guitar based instrumental melodies signed to the Real Music label in California. I like to write about my work, music and nature conservation and how it all comes together. I try not to write about things I don't know much about.
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12 Responses to Edge Of The Trees

  1. Gallivanta says:

    Hi Mike! I am not sure when I will get to do this, but I was wondering if it would be okay for me to put one of your little video clips on my sidebar at some stage. I am experimenting with my sidebar options and would like to feature something by you.

  2. LuAnn says:

    Mike, I am new to your music so I appreciate very much your interpretation before I listened to this piece. I allowed myself to sit back, close my eyes, and quite honestly, get carried away. I felt an immediate connection as this piece took me back to an earlier part of my life. I am anxious to experience more and will be downloading some of your music. Thanks so much!

  3. A very intriguing peace…
    I especially like how it shows in which way perspective can alter our perception of something. This is what I heard:
    There is the heartbeat. Depending on the perspective of the listener it maybe has a happy rhythm or might feel slightly eerie. Then the accustic guitar sets in, mirroring the inner voice and soothing the whole sound-picture, embedding the heartbeat harmonically. On the other hand the e-guitar mirroring panic begins to stirr things up and its (however melodious) screaming towards the end of its part builds up to a definitely eerie feeling with the harmonies of the heartbeat.
    In effect it becomes clear that it is not the heartbeat which sounds eerie but it is the tune we are playing along with it.

    Love this. And it sounds like quite an insightful dream, too! 🙂

    Much love!

  4. montucky says:

    That edge of darkness is always there, isn’t it. I see it clearly on very clear, very dark nights when the stars illuminate the rest of the universe.

    The acoustic sounds are indeed, comforting.

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