I Get Reviews…

For which I am very grateful to Michael Foster @ Ambientvisions.com for this latest review of my 4th album “Heading West”….

Heading West by Mike Howe

“….Mike’s latest album is called “Heading West” and was recently released on the Real Music label out of California.  As you might suspect by the title this album chronicles Mike’s travels through the American west.  Through some beautiful compositions Mike will leave you marveling at how well he has managed to capture what he experienced on this journey in his music.

Although Mike is a multi-instrumentalist and can do justice to a variety of instruments on his recordings he really shines when he picks up his guitar and begins to play his emotions into life.  The music on Heading West is a peaceful journey and one that evokes the many landscapes that Mike must have encountered during his time in the west.  With titles like Old Wooden House, Badlands, Prairie Dreams or I Can See For Miles you can understand some of what Mike was trying to translate into music as he wrote this album.

Oftentimes Mike’s music reminded me of another wonderful guitarist who has made a name for himself playing in the jazz field, Pat Metheny.  There are times that Mike’s music on Heading West flirts with a soft jazz vibe but as you listen it simply becomes a part of the overall sonic canvas that he is painting for you and each new layer brings out more of the depth that he is trying to communicate to the listener”.  Read more… http://www.ambientvisions.com/07182013.htm

15 thoughts on “I Get Reviews…”

  1. From what I have heard from you up to now, I would say Mr. Foster perfectly described with words the impressions you are creating with your music.
    Congratulations for this beautiful and well deserved review Mike!

    Much love!

    1. Thanks so much Steffi, it is always a strange experience reading a review of something so intimate and personal as an album of your own compositions. You try not to be too affected but it’s not easy. Of course when the reviewer says nice things it certainly helps!

      Over the years I’ve grown used to the idea of writing and recording the music to the best of my ability and then just letting it go, it’s much more comfortable that way, you don’t have to subject yourself to the emotional swings that go with the audience response. People either like it or they don’t, it’s not a big deal but when you start out it is.

      Thanks to you as always Steffi,


      1. Oh, I hear you!

        The old and new “masters of wisdom” often say that it is best to not be attached to any outcome. I have experienced that this is true for me (although often challenging) in every creative process (life = creation, so…). This way you concentrate on the process of creating and stay focussed on what you wish to create. That brings joy to you. And when you present your creation to others, many will notice this joy and love – more or less consciously. And isn’t that the point, enjoying this life? 😀
        In letting go we stop limiting on our creations so they can grow bigger than we may imagine.

        Anyways, I am glad that your love and kindness were reflected back to you in this review!

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