“Old Wooden House” Goes To #11 In The Portugal iTunes Chart

It’s always so nice when this happens.  I can remember clearly spending days writing, recording and re-recording this song with no thought other than really enjoying the creative process and wondering how it will turn out.  And then sometime later it makes it into a chart somewhere in the world.  Thank you 🙂

Oh and it’s available for download for only 0.99 $, £, E on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play etc…:)

23 thoughts on ““Old Wooden House” Goes To #11 In The Portugal iTunes Chart”

  1. So so so beautiful Mike! I know this song very well already 🙂 It keeps being amazing for me how you can create such relaxing, soothing and incredible music!

  2. This is beautiful, Mike :), the first part is dominated by a piano which I love, and the second shows more prominent guitar which addw to a romantic feel. (Who are your musical influences?) I love this piece and I will probably make a purchase soon 🙂 Your feat is well deserved!

    1. Thank you so much Paula I am grateful for your kindness. To answer your question, the song is about an old church in Mississippi I came across once, and the music is a reflection of the gospel hymns that would have been sung there for a hundred years or more. So my musical influences for this song were many soul and gospel artists, as well as great jazz players such as Charlie Haden (double bass) and Hank Jones (piano). My acoustic guitar hero is Pat Metheny, who plays the instrument with great emotion. More than anything I wanted the song to have a rustic, acoustic warmth, I hope I achieved that.

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