Picture Of Me In Stormy Weather Just For Elke

Photo: Ian Broadbent
Photo: Ian Broadbent

Elke’s blog http://elkement.wordpress.com/ is brilliant.  If you don’t mind having brain ache after you’ve read it but at the same time learned so much about physics, life, the universe and everything, then have a look, it’s ace.

Anyway Elke is always very appreciative of Mike A’s lovely photographs that I post of my surrounding environment but has unfortunately been given the impression that the weather is always nice here, which couldn’t be further from the truth.  Sticking out into the prevailing winds of the Atlantic as we do the weather can often be a little lively shall we say.  Trees don’t really grow too well here, so you get the idea.

Of course those of you who are photographers will know that doing justice to high winds, rain, grey and gloom in a photo is pretty difficult, and most people don’t bother trying.

In a place where there are few trees it’s even more difficult – there’s nothing to indicate the strength of the wind.  However in the interests of science I did venture out with my friend Ian and bravely stood out in unbelievably strong winds next to the only other thing that gives you some idea of the stormy conditions, the sea.  I did, however, wait for a break in the rain!

Elke, this weather wasn’t actually too bad, after all we did go out!  But I hope it gives you just a little insight and persuades you that the pretty photos I post on my blog are only part of the story 🙂

22 thoughts on “Picture Of Me In Stormy Weather Just For Elke”

  1. I love this photo with all the subtle shades of gray! Today in southern Arizona it is cloudy. Heavy bluish gray clouds hang low with sudden bursts of sunlight to liven things up. Beautiful. Wish we had more overcast drizzly days.

    1. I’ll tell you what Emilie, if you had as many overcast and drizzly days as we do you’d wish you didn’t 🙂 Some azure Arizona blue skies would do me just fine right now 🙂

      1. I know that, Mike. I love living in the land of sunshine. Today is the third day of gray and it is starting to get a bit old. I like to have two in a row every two weeks, but I guess I’m not in charge of the weather!

  2. Thanks a lot, Mike 😀 I really appreciate your efforts in taking this photo and allowing for my appearance as a character in a blog post’s headline (and in ploughing through my wall-of-text-y posts).
    I do spot a shadow on the ground ;-), so there have been some rays of sun. But I believe it is a genuine photo and not photoshopped. The slightly sunny background and the rough sea make up for a nice contrast!

    1. I can assure you Elke that I didn’t put the waterproof clothes on just for effect 🙂 Although I did wait for the sun to peek briefly through the clouds. I think you can tell from the sea how the weather was. Your “texty” posts are a real pleasure, keep them coming 🙂

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