For A Quiet Moment…

15 thoughts on “For A Quiet Moment…”

  1. … I am still undecided if my next Mike Howe purchase will be Heading West or Island of Anywhere. This song is definitely a point for the latter. So beautiful and soothing.
    (Then, again, all your songs are a point for the album they are on… 😉 )

    1. Thank you Steffi you are too kind, and I am really glad you like the songs. I’m flattered that you would buy my albums, I can’t guide you on which though, I am proud of them all 😉

      1. Proud of them all and rightfully so Mike!

        I am very pleased with Time Stands Still (it is one of my favourite CD’s) and so grateful that you are recording and publishing your songs. As for the decision for the next one: my inner guidance will get me there, eventually. 😉

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