River of Blue Light

River of blue light


I went back to the mountains this week.  Out for a walk in the quiet forest as the late winter afternoon light grew dim, long before I could see it I could hear the sound of the river torrent and the rapids swollen by so much recent rain.  And then as I emerged through the dense pine branches dripping with a gentle rain, a bright river of blue and white light appeared and the roar grew deafening in complete contrast to the silence of the surrounding forest…


River of light 1

River of light




13 thoughts on “River of Blue Light”

  1. Interesting explanation! What a cool feeling the blue gives (and it probably was cool). I was thinking back to any time I’ve been in a place like that, how true it is that there is such a contrast from the quiet of the woods and the roaring of a creek. Really two extremes. Good point, Mike.

    1. It was a strange contrast Anneli. After a while I needed to leave the river and return to the deep quiet in the forest, so I climbed up and away from it, it was a lovely experience

    1. Well blow me, I thought it was just magic 😉 Actually that’s a really interesting post and rather lovely I think, that the forest canopy filters the light so that the blue end of the spectrum remains. It certainly was the case in this forest I visited, and the remaining blue light mixed with the white light of the torrent (scientific explanation please!) was quite beautiful and provided a haunting contrast to the winter gloaming

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