This Land of Ours

You know how every country has a national anthem? Well, not being much of subscriber to nationalism myself, I thought I’d compose an anthem for land, people and nature wherever they may be found.

“This Land of Ours” is from my album “Round River” and can be purchased Β here, or here, or here πŸ™‚

36 thoughts on “This Land of Ours”

  1. This is absolutely beautiful, Mike – really moving, in fact. I have just treated myself to ‘Island of Anywhere’ on iTunes, it will be lovely to listen to while I work!

      1. Thanks Jo, I’m catching up after we lost power for 24 hours, the winds yesterday were stronger than anything I’ve ever experienced, it was frightening, exhilarating stuff. Hope you’re ok?

      2. That sounds awful. Glad you’re OK. I saw some pics of gigantic waves on the Welsh coast – horrendous. We’re fine, thanks – it’s been windy but the worst weather has been to the south of us so far!

      1. πŸ˜‰ Good thinking. But, there is always the chance that it will! Good things might spread like ripples. Like Gandhi told us – You must be the change you want to see in the world.

  2. I am not much of a nationalist either, Mike. My national anthem has always been Pete Seeger’s “This Land is Your Land.” Now, thanks to you, I have an international anthem as well.

  3. Some lovely Welsh ponies? It’s our National Day today; Waitangi Day. I am not big on Nationalism either but I hope being a good citizen of one’s own land is the first step towards caring for the larger world. Your music would go so well with New Zealand scenery too; it does have universal application.

    1. That’s very nice to know, it’s what I hope for with my music. Happy Waitangi Day! Sounds wonderful, what does one do to celebrate? Any traditionally meals to be had? Oh and yes, they are welsh mountain ponies, they do a grand job grazing our conservation sites, and they handle the harsh winter storms on the coast brilliantly

      1. Waitangi Day is a strange day. Much commemoration at the official level and some public gatherings/celebrations organised for the masses but it doesn’t have the aura of ,say, Bastille Day or Independence Day. It probably should but, instead, it seems to be a day that we don’t quite know how to celebrate. We do much better with our annual Anzac Day.

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