It’s Been Rough Again…

Photo: Mike Alexander -
Photo: Mike Alexander –

Spring is temporarily postponed on the Pembrokeshire coast

26 thoughts on “It’s Been Rough Again…”

  1. I agree with LuAnn! 😉

    Hope, you and your loved ones are grounded well and enjoy the clarity which the storm brings when blowing all the old and heavy stuff away.
    Much love,

  2. Sorry to hear that spring is eluding you Mike, but this certainly made for one fabulous photo! 🙂 Are you and your family still planning to head over our way this summer?

      1. Not really Mike. We have an average annual rainfall of about 600mm in Christchurch. Since January we have had about 440mm and most of that fell in March and April! We are beginning to feel water logged. I suppose March and April aren’t summer months but we normally expect more sunshine than we’ve had.

      2. That’s a shame, we certainly know how it feels to have an unsatisfactory summer, most recent have been complete wash outs, apart from last year

  3. So dramatic! And beautiful. Our spring in northern Illinois has been on and off. It’s on right now. But that will change next week.

  4. This is gorgeous! I am headed to my little place on the coast in Mexico in two weeks. No waves like that since it’s in the Gulf of California, but still, a little piece of heaven. Some day I will see crashing waves!

  5. Great photo. Here in Northern Ireland it’s been raining & well raining some more! The winds have been strong too but not like the impression given in the photograph

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