25 thoughts on “Casualty”

      1. Hi Mike, I just wanted to say sorry because I think I have just deleted one of your comments on my latest post by mistake! I just clicked on ‘Empty Spam’ and then saw your comment before it was gone forever! 😦 Goodness knows why it was there in the first place! But anyway, thank you! 🙂

      2. Yikes! Never mind Jo, it probably wasn’t a very interesting comment 🙂 Not sure why it went to spam though, hopefully not a return of the gremlins we had last year 😦 I think I was just thanking you for that wonderful tour you gave us with the photos in the Highlands, or it might have been another one, they’re all so good 🙂

      3. Haha, well thank you, Mike – I’m very glad you liked them. But I’m afraid the gremlins have made a return, and there’s another forum about it on WordPress as we speak! I have had problems all day with accessing my blogs. I hope they fix it soon.

      1. Hmm… if so, it might be a sign of transformation – and that can be a good thing, too.

        (Or did you refer to some well known Welsh saying that I am not aware of?)

      2. No I suppose I’m just worried that if we’re in for ever more ferocious storms as a result of climate change, then more of these ancient trees are going to come down – we shall see 🙂

      3. I hear you and don’t deny that the times seem pretty chaotic. My hope is that those are the symptoms of the world cleaning herself up.

        When I do a big spring cleaning at home and clear out all the shelves to re-order them, it looks chaotic at first too. Yet, in effect it brings more clarity.

        Why should it look differently when it happens on a bigger scale? 😉

        It’s sad, though, to see some of our ancient friends like this.

  1. I have some land, and an old stream, now dry, runs through it. Many years ago, who knows when, an old alligator juniper on the bank of that stream toppled over – but not completely. Some of her roots stayed in the ground, and of those wrenched free, some lay on the ground and went back in. She is my favorite tree and I visit with her often.

      1. It is hard to see the great ones come down. I’ve heard that the giant sequoia and other redwoods are still abundant because when the lumberjacks cut them down they shattered. Smart trees!

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