When All Around Is Madness….

Ardban 15 040….I, like so many other people, need places like this to go to, or to at least know that they are there.

In places like this there is a better than even chance that a person can be free of the madness, lunancy and stupidity that seems so prevalent in the world’s socieites.  I’m not just talking about extreme events where lunatics gun people down because of their insane superstitions.  I’m also talking about the mundane, day to day. Just listen to the idiotic utterances from the Republican Party candidates in the USA.  Their, often repulsive, views are representative of millions in a so called civilised society.

The conservation of wild places is not an indulgent luxury.  There are still nowhere near enough people who understand their true value and we can’t take the chance of trusting their future to the self serving, blind market.

Conservation is the opposite of elitism, and we’ll only have been successful in our efforts to conserve nature when there is no longer a need to do it.  “The idea of conserving nature needs no defence, only more defenders” – Edward Abbey

22 thoughts on “When All Around Is Madness….”

  1. Hi Mike, I love your music and your breathtaking photos!! I truly believe in conservation as necessary to the human race. We must preserve a peaceful, lovely and quiet place to as you say “get away from the madness !! I am a conservative a US citizen and a republican. I know quite a few who feel the same. Keep playing your music and taking these breathtaking pictures ! A fan Kathy McCain

    1. Hi Kathy, I agree, conservation should be central to everything that we do otherwise what will be left for us? It isn’t a political issue, it’s common sense. Conservation of our natural world is fundamental to our well being. But there’s a hell of a lot of damage to undo. The great thing is we can all do our bit, and more and more people are! Thanks for your kind words I’m glad you like my music!

  2. Very well said and a beautiful image too! I think the biggest problem is that we keep following those false dichotomies of nature vs civilization, nature vs economy, nature vs man, completely forgetting that we are part of nature and that by destroying nature we are destroying ourselves. I agree that we all need to do everything we can to create a world where nature doesn’t need preserving.

    1. We all do our bit Mandy, I recall the amazing job you did with those beautiful butterflies (were they Monarchs?), which I’m sure is just a small example of everything you’ve done 😃

      1. Yes, we can all help in whatever way we can. It’s almost time to prepare for this season’s monarchs. In the meantime, the bees and birds are having a ball in my phacelia and borage.

  3. “It is horrifying that we have to fight our own government to save the environment.” — Ansel Adams. Yes, this is the reality we live with in the USA today. And so we fight on as best we can — from fracking to high voltage transmission highways to riverside hog farms to short-sighted forest service “restoration” plans. Right now, ironically, one our our greatest fights here in the southern USA is against the biomass industry which is clear cutting our southern forests and sending wood pellets to Europe. Because of a loop hole in current climate legislation European countries can burn wood pellets and count that as being carbon neutral. Check out dogwoodalliance.org. for more information. So glad you enjoy and cherish your local landscapes, Mike . . . we all need time in deep sourcing Natural places.

    1. How ironic is that Jan? That something as seemingly positive as biomass production can be so destructive to the environment. But this is what I mean. The value of nature is lost on most people, and even those who appreciate the outdoors often don’t have the education to recognise the difference between a healthy habitat/ecosystem from a degraded one. I know many people working for conservation organizations who, through no fault of their own, don’t know how harmful some of the decisions they make can be.

      I will look up the link Jan, sounds like a good case for me to know about.

      1. Totally agree, Mike! Desire and caring is one thing. Knowledge and wisdom are another. Toss in the voracious consumer economy and various competing interests and things that should be so simple get complicated and messed up. By the way Edward Abbey’s Desert Solitaire was a pivotal read for me many, many years ago. Thanks for reminding me of his work. I was just in Utah a few weeks back hiking at Bryce Canyon with my Mom. What a magical place that is. Fortunately we are both in good enough shape to hike far away from the crowds. I sent a friend some photos and he sent me back a youtube link to Heading West . . . you’re becoming linked to the beauty of the American landscape.

      2. Oh yes Bryce Canyon is incredible, we visited last summer, it was one of our favourite places on the whole trip, so glad you had a great hike there. And my music being linked to the beauty of the American landscape is very cool, it certainly has inspired a lot of my music. Thank you Jan

  4. True, Mike. We need the wild to nurture our souls with places such as this, we become less human.
    Perhaps that is the problem with so many today: they have lost at least a piece of their souls due to lack of interaction its deep nature.
    I fear for the wild (among other things) should any of the republican candidates be elected.

  5. Well said, Mike! Thanks to my father’s love of travel I saw much of the US as a child. It instilled in me a great love for wilderness and nature in general. I think our best hope is in teaching the children. But we do need action now. Folks who are unable to actively participate, like me, can often manage to contribute from time to time, which I do. It is up to us. The Earth doesn’t need saving, it will continue with or without us. The world as we know it will not.

    As for politicians, I’m afraid we’re stuck with them. 😦

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