This Walk Should Work Off the Xmas Excess

Gwern Gof Uchaf view test

16 thoughts on “This Walk Should Work Off the Xmas Excess”

  1. I am glad to see a small stream in these times, Mike. It’s a lovely picture, a place where it would be wonderful to eat more Christmas foods 🙂
    It’s so cold in Denmark that calories are being used, without exercise 🙂
    A Very Happy New Year to you,

    1. Happy new year Hanna. You are obviously getting all our cold air, we’ve had the warmest, wettest winter so far since records began – it’s rained pretty much none stop since October, very grey and miserable 😦

      1. We had the same weather in Denmark until Christmas. Two digit temperatures and lots of rain. Then severe winds and cold temperatures set a new agenda and it seems to be what we can expect from now on. Though the sun is sadly missing most of the time.
        All the best,

    1. No chance of the water being forzen here, its been the warmest, wettest, windiest December on record, we haven’t seen the sun for months, just wave after wave of Atlantic strom fronts, bit depressing. Also we have plants coming up in Decemeber that don’t normally appear until May, everything has gone weird…

  2. Beautiful, but I am glad I am too far away to attempt it. My telco gave me free Premium Spotify (well, nothing is ever really free but…), so I have been listening to that Mike Howe chap. You know, the one with ‘chops and soul’. Hope you benefit from Spotify in some way. 🙂

    1. Thank you Mandy, yes spotify pays a small, well very small royalty, but its better than a slap in the chops 😃 Actually im just grateful for the listeners, and particularly grateful to you for letting me know. Hope you’re having a lovely summer, winter here is getting me down, I need some sun. Did the monarchs do ok this year?

      1. The monarch butterflies arrived this week and are scouting out my swan plants. We will see how they do. Last year I think they were destroyed by wasps. This year I have a small wildflower area for the swan plants so perhaps the diversity will help the monarch offspring survive. Sending you some sunshine. 🙂

  3. Right.
    In my current condition it would put me in the hospital … but so attractive in Summer to scramble with feet in running water and the sun on the shoulders.

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