Meet the Management Team

The management teamThey don’t realise it but this lot are fundamental to maintaining the best limestone heath in Wales.  For payment they get quite a nice view…..


About Mike Howe

I am an ecologist and a composer of guitar based instrumental melodies signed to the Real Music label in California. I like to write about my work, music and nature conservation and how it all comes together. I try not to write about things I don't know much about.
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19 Responses to Meet the Management Team

  1. restlessjo says:

    For a view like that I might even learn to manage! 🙂

  2. Gallivanta says:

    If only all managers were so easily pleased and as intelligent. 😉

  3. They sure do get a gorgeous view. BTW, I wanted to tell you that twice in the past weeks, I’ve happened to hear your music on our TV music channel. It’s very nice!! (That’s an understatement.) So happy to see that your music is everywhere these days.

  4. Leya says:

    I would not mind that view either. But I doubt I could do anything at all for the limestone heath…

  5. v4vikey says:

    Nice Post..♥♥♥

  6. Looks like a good team.
    Mike, I have been listening to your music almost every morning. What a glorious way to start the day!

  7. Looks, like they have a relaxed work-day…
    Regarding this, I guess, many of us can learn from them. 😉

  8. Pat says:

    LOL! Best managers ever!

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