Where the sea used to be and now is again…

Cwm Ivy vistaThe National Trust, for whom I work, took the brave decision to allow the sea to re-claim farmland which was annexed by a sea wall in the 1600’s.  In a very short space of time a complex ecosystem has emerged with a range of small mudflat creatures attracting otters, breeding lapwing and, hopefully in time, breeding osprey.

Cwm Ivy saltmarshSometimes it’s good to let nature just do it’s thing…

15 thoughts on “Where the sea used to be and now is again…”

  1. Nature is so very able to reclaim herself. Here, developers want to invade an area along one of the few year-round rivers in Arizona, the only one is the southern desert area. If they do so, the river will be sucked dry. A big battle coming up!

    1. Hope all goes well with that battle Emilie, it sounds like one that must be won and it’s unbelievable that battles like that still need to be fought

  2. Here we are also restoring wetlands in some places – and as you say, we are greatly rewarded in new life! Let us hope this will continue.

      1. I think there would be no problems to go on with it really. Here the farmers do not use their land…Too effective methods…

  3. Another step forward! We may get there yet. Glad to hear the National Trust is thinking along these lines. And maybe I need to take a closer look at who they are and what they, re doing. I just might learn something. 🙂

  4. I agree! There has been so much land (especially wetlands) taken away and turned into “parking lots” as Joni Mitchell sang. It’s good to see some of it returned to nature. A lot of people think wetlands are wasted but they hold so much life!!!

      1. There is a lot more life in a swamp than on dry land. But swamp sounds bad so let’s keep calling them wetlands. I’d love to park myself nearby with my camera.

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