Beautiful blanket bog in Cwmfynnon

Blanket bog CwmfynnonComing down off Glyder Fawr (see summit picture below) and into this lovely blanket bog of cotton grass in Cwmfynnon was a very nice way to end an epic walk, and it was all for work, which can’t be bad


11 thoughts on “Beautiful blanket bog in Cwmfynnon”

  1. And how do I pronounce THAT??!? 😀
    (I was just reading the headline of this post to my husband which put me in front of currently insurmountable difficulties…)

    It looks so beautiful – especially the contrast between the spiky rocks of the mountains and the fluffy cotton grass of the bog must be not just an eye opener but also a heart- and mind opener. Thank you for always sharing those wonderful impressions of your work, dear Mike.

    Maybe I can learn how to pronounce those Welsh names so that I can ask somebody for the way to see this place with my own eyes when I am in Wales, next time.

    Much love,

      1. Oh, come on…! Is this like what they do in the Polish language? Just leave the voals out in the writing and hope that they fall into place when you try to say it? 😉
        Anyways, thank you for clarifying this for me! I love learning about languages and you don’t hear a lot of Welsh here, in Hamburg. We have a little bog, nearby, though.

  2. When I was younger I had the privilege of of touring a bog in Michigan guided by a biologist who studied them. It is a unique and fascinating environment. But do watch your step! 🙂 Love the rocky crags, too.

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