Once upon a time in the west

I used some acoustic instruments to create a rustic, folksy sound to evoke hard times gone by in the American west


About Mike Howe

I am an ecologist and a composer of guitar based instrumental melodies signed to the Real Music label in California. I like to write about my work, music and nature conservation and how it all comes together. I try not to write about things I don't know much about.
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4 Responses to Once upon a time in the west

  1. Dear Mike,

    I tagged you in a little blogging game about Autumn called “Autunno in… TAG!”. I know you are very busy. However, I thought, perhaps you enjoy to participate as you live in harmony with nature and surely have an enlightening perspective about Autumn. Should you be interested, you can find all details, here: http://wp.me/p2kIdV-2Fr .

    Much love and Happy Autumn,

  2. Murtagh's Meadow says:

    Great sound and great set of images too:)

  3. Thank you for the soothing reminder, dear Mike!
    Much love,

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