Gorgeous Morning in the Mountains

Llynau Mymbyr

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A Fine New Pal For The Day


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Meet the Management Team

The management teamThey don’t realise it but this lot are fundamental to maintaining the best limestone heath in Wales.  For payment they get quite a nice view…..

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This Walk Should Work Off the Xmas Excess

Gwern Gof Uchaf view test

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This Life….

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Dyed In The Wool

Dyed in the wool

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When All Around Is Madness….

Ardban 15 040….I, like so many other people, need places like this to go to, or to at least know that they are there.

In places like this there is a better than even chance that a person can be free of the madness, lunancy and stupidity that seems so prevalent in the world’s socieites.  I’m not just talking about extreme events where lunatics gun people down because of their insane superstitions.  I’m also talking about the mundane, day to day. Just listen to the idiotic utterances from the Republican Party candidates in the USA.  Their, often repulsive, views are representative of millions in a so called civilised society.

The conservation of wild places is not an indulgent luxury.  There are still nowhere near enough people who understand their true value and we can’t take the chance of trusting their future to the self serving, blind market.

Conservation is the opposite of elitism, and we’ll only have been successful in our efforts to conserve nature when there is no longer a need to do it.  “The idea of conserving nature needs no defence, only more defenders” – Edward Abbey

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End of a Long Walk

Llyn DinasI had the bright idea of leaving the trail and going cross country where I was sure I’d find the other trail.  I did….eventually.  This was my view near adventures end.

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Mike Howe Nominated in the Hollywood Music in Media Awards

Blimey, I’m very excited and grateful that my track “Remember” from my new album “Lichens” has been nominated in the Holywood Music in Media Awards

HMMA certificate

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Sunset Over Cardigan Bay

Cardigan Bay sunset 2The long drive home from a busy week of work away has it’s rewards with this beautiful sunset over Cardigan Bay, West Wales

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